Meet the Team

District Leadership Team

District Lead Volunteer, District Commissioner

Yvonne Paige-Stimson

Lead Volunteer 14-24 Sections, DYC & DESC

Megan Kendall

Lead Volunteer, GSL 2nd Warwick Scout Group:

Marc Gadsby

Lead Volunteer, GSL 3rd Warwick Scout Group:

Angela Corke

Lead Volunteer, GSL 7th Warwick Scout Group:

Paul Dunkley

Lead Volunteer, GSL 9th Warwick Scout Group:

Nikki Saveker

Lead Volunteer, GSL Barford Scout Group:

Sue Heap

Lead Volunteer, GSL 1st Hampton Magna Scout Group:

Simon Dudley

Lead Volunteer, GSL 1st Kineton Scout Group:

John Abra

Lead Volunteer, GSL 1st Wellesbourne Scout Group:

Adrian Hicks

Adult Support & Volunteer Development Team

Adult Support Team Leader

Dawn Grice

Volunteer Development Team Leader

Jenny Stockbridge

OSM Super User & Treasurer Support

Matthew Paige-Stimson

Water Activity Permits Training

Martin Stockbridge

Additional Needs Inclusion Support

Various specialising in disability, deafness, SEN, neurodiversity etc

LGBTQ+ Inclusion Support for Adults & YP

Nikki S

District Programme & Events Team

District Volunteer – Squirrels:

Angela Corke

District Volunteer – Beavers:

Caroline Rickard

District Lead Volunteer – Cubs:

Martin Russell

District Volunteer – Scouts:

Stuart Killen

District Lead Volunteer – Explorers:

Megan Kendall

District Duke of Edinburgh & Expeditions

Tom Huntley, Ian Pantling & Matthew Paige-Stimson

District Shooting Squad & Competitions

Steve Hodges & Ryan Hill

District Hillwalking T1 & T2

Steve Hodges, Ian Pantling, Matthew Paige-Stimson, Tom Huntley

District Axe Throwing

Martin Russell, Matthew Paige-Stimson

District Trustee Board

District Chair – Martin Russell

District Treasurer – Andrew Cameron

District Secretary – Matthew Paige-Stimson

Additional Trustee Board Members

  • Jenny Stockbridge
  • Caroline Rickard
  • Yvonne Paige-Stimson – Ex Officio
  • Megan Kendall – Ex Officio
  • Dawn Grice – Ex Officio