Growth and Inclusion

Every year we report on our membership numbers and progress on being a diverse and inclusive organisation.

Thanks entirely to the hard work, enthusiasm and efforts of our amazing volunteers in 2022, Warwick District achieved a strong year (~19%) of growth and a record year for membership. This was propelled by opening of 3 Squirrels sections for our Early Years age group (4-5yrs), growth in number of spaces offered for Beavers (6-7yrs) and Cubs (8-10yrs), also focus on quality of program and retention in Explorers (14-18yrs).

Our female membership remains stable at just over one third and our inclusion numbers show we supported members with reasonable adjustments for a wide range of conditions to support equal access to opportunities for all. We provided a safe and harassment-free environment for Young People to self-identify as they chose, ensuring they fit in and are fully accepted. 

Across the District, overall Leader numbers have grown since last year, up by ~8%, but we are still a long way down on our pre-COVID adult numbers. Enhancing the visibility of Scouting in the County town is a District priority. We are also supporting HQ initiatives to make the volunteer experience more accessible and so easier to recruit and train for the Section Team roles in future.

Thank you for all you have done in 2022 and everything you shall be doing in 2023!

Yvonne Paige-Stimson, Warwick District Commissioner

Census of Membership in Warwick (year ending 31st January 2023)

Breakdown of Warwick District Membership

Adult Leadership

Female Membership