Scouting in the historic town of Warwick and surrounding villages

Our Vision

By 2025 we'll have prepared more young people in Warwick town and surrounding villages with skills for life, supported by amazing leaders delivering an inspiring programme. We'll be growing, more inclusive, shaped by young people and making a bigger impact in our community.

Aligning our work in District to HQ's #Skills4Life plan

The District team has been formed with priorities in three main pillars of work:


A fun, enjoyable, high quality programme consistently delivered and supported by simple (digital) tools.


More, well trained, better supported and motivated adult volunteers, and more young people, from diverse backgrounds.


Scouting is understood, more visible, trusted, respected and widely seen as playing a key role in society today.
A key enabler for our work in Warwick District is the District Funds Policy.
This is an inititive to provide support to our teams to Grow, to have International Experiences, to receive Specialist Skills Training and to remove  Financial Hardship as a barrier to participation.