What is the Adventurous Activity Permit Scheme?

With hundreds of activities, the scheme helps to make sure we run activities in a safe and enjoyable manner.

There are hundreds of activities that scouts of all ages take part in every week. Some do have specific rules and guidelines to follow, such as needing a permit holder to lead them or to ensure that an external provider meets certain requirements. Contrary to what you may have heard there are very few banned activities.

Risk Assessments

All Scouting Activities require a written risk assessment. In Warwick District, approval for most weekly RA’s is a delegated authority from the District Commissioner to the GSL in each group (or DESC for Explorers). Some RA’s will need to be submitted for District review which you can now do online.

Night’s Away

The Nights Away Permit (NAP) scheme is designed to provide adults in scouting the chance to acquire and improve relevant skills, providing reassurance to parents and carers of the young people taking part that those leading nights away events have demonstrated their competence to do so.

There are 4 different types of NAP available (indoor, campsite, greenfield and lightweight expedition). Full details of the scheme and how permits are assessed are explained here.

To earn your first Nights Away Permit, or to renew an existing one, you will need to contact a Nights Away Advisor. 

Scouts Active Support Units

Here in Warwick District we have 4 activity SASU communities you may like to get involved with. Their purpose is leader skills development so you can achieve your permits and sharing of expertise to run engaging activities for Young People.

Contact the SASUs to book a session for your Group or express interest in leader training.

Water Sports – Build personal water confidence and earn skills permits with our experts at 2nd Warwick to use back in your own group. Kayaking, Canoeing, Pulling, Stand-up Paddle Boards, Yachting, Power boats, Raft building.

Backwoods & Bushcraft – Possible topics include Knots and Hammock Camping; Knife and Saw Safety & Skills; Backwoods Cooking, Tarpology & Shelter Building; Fire, Kelly Kettles & Water Purification; Pioneering, Crafts and Wild Game Preparation.

Shooting – based out of 7th Warwick on their indoor range. Following the National Small-bore Rifle Association scheme.

Hillwalking – a new group coming together to acquire and share expert skills for Hillwalking, Expedition planning, Lightweight camping, Mountain First Aid, Terrain1 and Terrain2.

Archery – get in touch if interested to form a new community

High ropes, Climbing & Abseiling – get in touch if interested to form a new community

Caving – get in touch if interested to form a new community